How To Monetize A Blog: Your Guide To Making A Blog Profitable

Published / by Paul Lance

Have you ever wanted to build a career out of blogging? Making money from a blog isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are a number of people that have managed to turn a blog into a massive empire.

If you’re currently trying to figure out how to monetize a blog, here are a few things you should know:

It’s Smart To Choose A Profitable Niche

If you haven’t started your blog yet, you should think about the niche that you want your blog to be in. It’s smart to choose something that has a lot of earning potential.

When you choose the subject of your blog, you should choose something that you will be able to write about frequently. Beyond that, you should think about something that is linked to sales in some way.

If you’re writing a health blog, you can sell vitamins or juicers. If you’re covering professional wrestling, it may be harder for you to turn a profit. Think about how you’ll monetize your blog before you get it started.


Advertising is a simple way to make money off of a blog. While ads can make you money, you don’t want to overdo it. You should include ads on your blog, but you shouldn’t allow them to take your blog over.

A lot of people that run blogs with ads rely on Google Adsense. Adsense can be a great way to earn money through blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

Advertising isn’t the only source of revenue a blog can provide. You can also sign up for affiliate marketing programs.

When you’re a part of an affiliate marketing program, you’ll be able to earn cash whenever someone clicks on one of the affiliate links in your posts and makes a purchase.

There are a number of different affiliate marketing programs out there. Even Amazon has its own affiliate marketing program! No matter what kind of blog you run, there are probably products that you will be able to promote.

Sponsored Content

If you are able to attract a lot of readers for your blog, you will probably be offered to run sponsored content. When you run this content, an advertiser will pay you to run a post on their behalf.

You’ll have to think carefully before you use sponsored content on your blog. If you post too much sponsored content, you may wind up losing readers. However, you don’t necessarily want to turn these offers down.

Instead, you should think about whether or not this type of content is a good fit for your blog. If you think that your readers would enjoy it, you should definitely make it a part of your blog.

There are so many ways to make a blog profitable. These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg! Beyond this, you can also start your own store, sell an e-book, and so much more! If you want to make money with your blog, you will be able to do that.

How Do You Setup A Blog?

Published / by Paul Lance

If you’ve been agonizing about setting up a blog, you should know that doing it is actually very easy. And cheap. In this article, we are going to walk you through the steps in setting up a blog. Of course, we are predicating article on the assumption that you already know what you want to blog about it.

The first thing you need to do is to register a domain A domain name is really nothing more than the website address that people type in the address bar of their browsers to access a website. The good thing about domain names is that they really cheap to get, and you can get a .COM domain for only $10 or less per year. The best places to register a domain name are Namecheap and Godaddy.

If you already have a hosting account, go to the cPanel of your account and add your domain name.

However, if you don’t have one yet, subscribe to a hosting service first and register the domain name that you like. A setup wizard is going to walk you through the steps until your hosting account is setup. The hosting account is where you will build your website.

There are many hosting services out there that you can choose from, including Hostgator and 1and1, among hundreds of others. What you want to do is to pick a hosting package that offers security and backup services. How much does hosting cost? For basic plans, it will only cost you $10 per month. However, you a sharing the same hard drive with other users. If you want a dedicated hard drive, you can get one for $100 per month. In any case, if you are totally brand new to blogs, a $10 account would be enough.

With a domain name and hosting, you can now create your blog. Login to the cPanel and go to the section where it says website builder. You may have to ask for technical support from your hosting service since there are so many buttons pointing to so many different features of your hosting account.

Once you are at the website builder section, choose WordPress. What is WordPress? It is basically a Content Management System (CMS) where you can easily publish content. It is not the only CMS there is, however, it is the one that’s most widely-used, so you won’t have a problem getting support if you need it.

Install WordPress on your website using the installation wizard. Once you are done, you’re all set to go. You only need to login to the WordPress login on your website. Customize your website by writing the title and description. After this, you can start publishing content.

The thing about setting up a blog is that it’s really just the first step in setting up your presence online. Once you’ve published content, you have to actively promote it by, at the very least, sharing it on your Facebook and other social media accounts.